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How to trade OPTIONS in best possible way – GAMMA STARTEGY for OPTIONS….

GAMMA STRATEGY: It is an OPTION BUY Strategy which is based on TREND REVERSAL. GAMMA estimates the change in an option’s directional risk as the stock price changes. It works on BANKNIFTY and NIFTY.

You can find the LIVE performance of GAMMA STRATEGY on our scanner. We have manual trading for GAMMA STARTEGY at Rs 10K for 1 month and Rs 20K for 3 Months. Clients can also implement the GAMMA STRATEGY on their ROBOT at just Rs 25K for 12 Months or Rs 10K for 1 Month. The Minimum Capital required is Rs 25K for ONE LOT TRADE SETUP.


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BANKNIFTY MAX OI return for 9th DEC 2021 Expiry?

BANKNIFTY Max CALL OI on Friday = 37000 strike closed at 120 +

BANKNIFTY Max PUT OI on Friday = 36000 strike closed at 300

Total Premium Collected = Rs 420

Expiry Premium = 83 + 0.05 = Rs 83.05

Net Profit Points= 420 – 83 = 337

Net Profit = 25*337 = Rs 8425/-

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How to Identify 20X Option setups…

High volatility is your Friend on the Expiry day. Follow the two Steps Option Strategy:

  1. Identify the Market Move
  2. Pick the Low Premium Setup inside the DAILY SUPPORT or RESISTANCE.

Repeat this process for CALL as well as PUT Option and hold them till Expiry.


October 2021 Performance tested on BANKNIFTY:

  1. 7th Oct 2021 Contract: -100%
  2. 14th Oct 2021 Contract:  1000% return
  3. 21st Oct 2021 Contract:  800% return
  4. 28th Oct 2021 Contract:  2200% return

Total: 3900% return. This means, Investment of Rs 1000 has the potential to turn out to Rs 39000/-. This is a very HIGH RISK setup and accuracy is almost 50% to 60%. You must use this strategy for 1% to 2% of your Capital.

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